Higher National Diploma

Wildlife Management

1.0 Aim of the Course

The course is designed to develop a technologist with the knowledge, skills and attitudes          required to satisfy the needs of the Wildlife Management and related industries.

1.1 Objectives of the Course

At the end of the course the graduate should be able to:

  • Plan and co-ordinate Wildlife Management Programmes;
  • Co-ordinate stakeholders in the Wildlife Industry;
  • Maintain the financial integrity of protected areas.
  • Design, develop and implement marketing strategies for wildlife products and wildlife based services locally, regionally and internationally;
  • Show the ability to motivate staff members into achieving organizational goals;
  • Design, develop, implement and evaluate projects;
  • Conduct applied research on Wildlife Management and present informative reports;
  • Demonstrate patriotism to national issues;
  • Demonstrate a critical, logical and objective approach to problem solving at the work place;
  • Implement health and safety regulation at the work place.

The National Diploma in Wildlife Management duration is 1 840 hours (2 years) plus 6 months on the job training.


The Higher National Diploma in Wildlife Management course duration is 1000 hours (1 year).


National Diploma in Wildlife Management or equivalent.


Full Time and Part time



Plans to offer Btech Programme

The college is planing to offer Btech Programmme in Wildlife Management in conjuction with NUST

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