The college library will be open during learning hours. Library hours may be extended into the evening upon demand. The library may also be opened during weekends, if there is need. Opening hours will be periodically reviewed to meet the needs of the students. Students should familiarise themselves with library regulations

The Library of the college is headed by the chief Librarian from the HQ of Zimparks . The library team is respomsible for carrying out the following duties

  • Ensuring that the library is adequately stocked,
  • Maintaining data bank for library books, journals, reprints and other materials,
  • Identifying and securing relevant literatures for reference,
  • Ensuring the use of  efficient system of storing and retrieving library information, and
  • Promoting the library as a repository centre for publications to individuals, organizations and institutions.



Plans to offer Btech Programme

The college is planing to offer Btech Programmme in Wildlife Management in conjuction with NUST

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