National Foundation Certificate

Wildlife Management

1.0 Aim of the Course

The course is designed to develop a junior wildlife practitioner with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to satisfy the needs of the Wildlife Management and related industries.

1.1 Objectives of the Course

At the end of the course the graduate should be able to:-

  • Outline the wildlife management principles;
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain infrastructure;
  • Develop communication skills necessary for working in protected areas;
  • Demonstrate patriotism to national issues;
  • Demonstrate a critical, logical and objective approach to problem solving at the workplace;
  • Implement health and safety regulations at the workplace;
  • Acquire and implement entrepreneurship skills in the community;
  • Display an understanding of paramilitary and law enforcement skills;
  • Acquire basic administrative skills;


    This is a two-year programme.  The programme runs from August to June for two academic years. Students may also attend these modules over a longer period of time to suit their own needs. 


    Course duration is 600 hours (1 year) which includes college attendance and practical exposure.


    A minimum of 2 years secondary education or equivalent.


    Block Release



  • On offer Btech Programme

    The college is offering Btech Programmme in Wildlife Management in conjuction with NUST

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